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    Dye Assault Pack 2+3 - Sort/Grå

    VÅR PRIS:   250,- 749,-

    Merk: Feil Bilde - Dette er 2+3

    Dye Assault Packen er utrolig behagelig å ha på seg, samtidig som den ser helt rå ut. Denne pakken er en 3+4 som gjør at du burde ha mer enn nok plass til en normal runde.

    Les beskrivelsen fra Dye her:
    The Assault Pack is a perfect example of the collaboration between designers and athletes. Our design team meticulously picked apart every harness available. We sat down with our professional players and picked their brains on the most elite pack they could think of. Then we let our design team do their thing. The first item of concern has always been reducing the weight. We were able to accomplish this by utilizing new materials in different configurations and reducing the overall weight by 5oz! Supportive waist belt, sturdy construction, easy access to pods were some of the other areas of concern that we were able to improve upon. Check out the details for all of the highlights