1. Dette produktet ble lagt inn i vår katalog torsdag 12 januar, 2012.

    ViewLoader eVLution 3 W/ Z Board - Sort
    [eVLution 3]

    VÅR PRIS:   499,- 599,-

    The newly re-engineered eVLution 3 electronic feeder loader comes from a long history of great paintball loaders. Viewloader has set the standard for electronic loaders and they have just added another great loader to the line-up. Check out the new features. Viewloader eVLution 3 features:

    - 23 rounds per second feed rate
    - 195+ paintball capacity
    - Jam-free, six-bladed flexible paddle
    - 23 Spill-proof spring-loaded lid which can be locked
    - LED low battery indicator
    - Vision system recognizes dark or black shell paintballs

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